Did the bullied become bullies? my view on modernized liberalism

Growing up 30 years ago in Cincinnati,Ohio, the world and people’s views of it were wildly different than they are now. Things that today seem normal like Legalizing gay marriage or fighting for their rights was unheard of, and racism was still very common among people. While now, tides have turned : Majority of people, even some of the republicans, think gay people should be given freedom to live as they please, and racism has become deadly sin in most places except for rural areas in southern states. And it should be treated badly, but people go to extremes and sometimes label people as racist or homophobic when it’s not the case. I think some liberals have lost sense of reality and want to adjust the world to their preferences instead of accepting reality.

 And silicon valley is no exception either. People are constantly fired for having different opinions, even if those opinions are not offensive and could be useful if taken into consideration. In my opinion, it’s the diversity of thought and civilized debates that lead to truth, not thinking like a cult, of which both sides are guilty of doing. People prefer to belong to a group and adapt to group’s culture, instead of having their own opinions and generally being individual. I might even go as far as saying that liberals, who have been bullied for most of the time in history and now represent majority, have become bullies themselves. And again, i’m not saying that racism or homophobia should be tolerated or accepted as a norm, but there’s stuff that sounds racist but actually is not, and that stuff should be taken into consideration, not disregarded without giving it second thought. There are people out there who love the truth and share same principles and morals as liberals do, but they’re silenced just because they have different opinions. They are like us – they host parties and go out camping, they get the sharpest axe and split wood with it, to fire up the fireplace. They grab their tools, especially the miter saw, and try to build something with it. 

 I don’t know how easy it will be to remind people that respecting other’s opinions is the cornerstone of liberalism. Research shows, that even if it’s wrong, hearing about opinions that are different from ours can be beneficial and increase our knowledge of the topic. And i think the best way to have access to different opinions is to read online blogs that are trustworthy and non-biased.

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