How i built treehouse with my dad 20 years ago – My Memories

In my childhood, i built a treehouse only once, when i was 10 or 11, and being an introvert kid without private room, hiding up there was one of my favorite memories from childhood. Of course, my brothers and sister had access to it, but it belonged to me, as it was built by me and dad, and my dad already had his big house. I loved it but after entering high school, my interests changed and my excitement slowly began to fade. And i didn’t even miss it when i left for college. But 15 years have passed now, and my newly found love for building and repairing stuff has reminded me of how much fun having treehouse was. So i made up my mind to do it again, this time – with my son. Back then, we didn’t do much of a planning, just figured out everything on the way. But now, i had some spare money and really good set of tools (and how i collected them is completely different story) so i wanted to go big. I picked out really nice tree which could easily be foundation for what i was planning, and got to work. We went at it for three days – friday and the weekend – and once we were done, we spent one more day furnishing it and giving it final touch. Once it was all said and done, we couldn’t believe our eyes – the treehouse was just magnificient. My son even suggested listing it on airbnb to make extra money, and we haven’t gotten around that yet, but i think it does deserve to be shared with the world.

But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on tools and materials like i did – definitely not. There are some affordable options, which would allow you to build just as good, if not better treehouse for less cost. Or you could go on borrowing route – find some acquintance who has nice set of tools and ask him or her to let you use their tools for few days. That’s what my cousin, Ted did, and i have to admit, it’s pretty smart and i felt dumb for not thinking of it myself.

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