Building cabin all by myself – experience and tips for next time

I have just moved to San Francisco, and have been working as a entry-level programmer at big tech firm. Outsider might think that programmers make ton of money, but when you substract sky-high living costs of SF, at entry level, you don’t make that much. So i didn’t have any money saved for travel, and felt a seeing all my friends on Europe and exotic islands felt a little depressing. I did have few thousand dollars and could borrow few more, but it was too late to buy tickets at decent price and splurging thousands of dollars into few nights didn’t make sense. But what i did have, was inherited family lot near lake tahoe, which is few hours ride from SF. It was pretty good location, and i had nothing planned for my vacation, so it only seemed obvious to go out and build it myself. I was always fond of tools and building things, but i’ve never built a house or cabin. I figured that i should have figured out theories of building small cabin before doing anything serious, and headed over to Google. Read every piece of information i found on building a cabin, collected all my tools – circular saw, grinder, axe, nails, screwdrivers, pancake compressor (which turned out to be the best pancake compressor i’ve ever had) – and headed over to lake tahoe.

So lack of funds and surplus of experience led me to decide to build my own vacation home. I know it sounds crazy, and it was even crazier back then, but i just wanted to do it – didn’t care about risks or possibly lost money. Once i got there, i stayed at my parents’ place, and started my little construction very next day. With help of some of my friends and siblings, my hut was done in 20 days. It wasn’t big or classy, but i was so proud to see something i’ve built. Something that i made a reality. I stayed there for the rest of the summer. In september, i posted it on Airbnb and occasionally even get a visitor, which is great – i’m seeing return on my investment.

How i built treehouse with my dad 20 years ago – My Memories

In my childhood, i built a treehouse only once, when i was 10 or 11, and being an introvert kid without private room, hiding up there was one of my favorite memories from childhood. Of course, my brothers and sister had access to it, but it belonged to me, as it was built by me and dad, and my dad already had his big house. I loved it but after entering high school, my interests changed and my excitement slowly began to fade. And i didn’t even miss it when i left for college. But 15 years have passed now, and my newly found love for building and repairing stuff has reminded me of how much fun having treehouse was. So i made up my mind to do it again, this time – with my son. Back then, we didn’t do much of a planning, just figured out everything on the way. But now, i had some spare money and really good set of tools (and how i collected them is completely different story) so i wanted to go big. I picked out really nice tree which could easily be foundation for what i was planning, and got to work. We went at it for three days – friday and the weekend – and once we were done, we spent one more day furnishing it and giving it final touch. Once it was all said and done, we couldn’t believe our eyes – the treehouse was just magnificient. My son even suggested listing it on airbnb to make extra money, and we haven’t gotten around that yet, but i think it does deserve to be shared with the world.

But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune on tools and materials like i did – definitely not. There are some affordable options, which would allow you to build just as good, if not better treehouse for less cost. Or you could go on borrowing route – find some acquintance who has nice set of tools and ask him or her to let you use their tools for few days. That’s what my cousin, Ted did, and i have to admit, it’s pretty smart and i felt dumb for not thinking of it myself.

Did the bullied become bullies? my view on modernized liberalism

Growing up 30 years ago in Cincinnati,Ohio, the world and people’s views of it were wildly different than they are now. Things that today seem normal like Legalizing gay marriage or fighting for their rights was unheard of, and racism was still very common among people. While now, tides have turned : Majority of people, even some of the republicans, think gay people should be given freedom to live as they please, and racism has become deadly sin in most places except for rural areas in southern states. And it should be treated badly, but people go to extremes and sometimes label people as racist or homophobic when it’s not the case. I think some liberals have lost sense of reality and want to adjust the world to their preferences instead of accepting reality.

 And silicon valley is no exception either. People are constantly fired for having different opinions, even if those opinions are not offensive and could be useful if taken into consideration. In my opinion, it’s the diversity of thought and civilized debates that lead to truth, not thinking like a cult, of which both sides are guilty of doing. People prefer to belong to a group and adapt to group’s culture, instead of having their own opinions and generally being individual. I might even go as far as saying that liberals, who have been bullied for most of the time in history and now represent majority, have become bullies themselves. And again, i’m not saying that racism or homophobia should be tolerated or accepted as a norm, but there’s stuff that sounds racist but actually is not, and that stuff should be taken into consideration, not disregarded without giving it second thought. There are people out there who love the truth and share same principles and morals as liberals do, but they’re silenced just because they have different opinions. They are like us – they host parties and go out camping, they get the sharpest axe and split wood with it, to fire up the fireplace. They grab their tools, especially the miter saw, and try to build something with it. 

 I don’t know how easy it will be to remind people that respecting other’s opinions is the cornerstone of liberalism. Research shows, that even if it’s wrong, hearing about opinions that are different from ours can be beneficial and increase our knowledge of the topic. And i think the best way to have access to different opinions is to read online blogs that are trustworthy and non-biased.

My mom’s old fashioned recipe for chocolate-chip cookies

Chocolate chip biscuits have a brief history much richer and longer compared to the “original” recipe in the back of a bag of chocolate morsels might imply. They date all of the way back into the late 1800susing a easy drop cookie recipe which needed just two glasses of shaved chocolate. Problem was, also shaving chocolate at a world without airconditioning or Microplanes had been an embarrassing affair, therefore bakers some times decided to restore this using 2 glasses of sliced chocolate alternatively.

But chopped chocolate weighs only approximately 2 ounces a cup, whereas sliced chocolate spikes at around 6 oz. What looked like a benign swap in procedure necessarily shifted the type of this recipe, then tripling the quantity of chocolate demanded. This all went down well until Ruth Wakefield was actually born, helping to make it sort of hard to trust that she “devised” chocolate chip biscuits in the House Inn. Anyway, well before their recipe came together, food markets across America were already advertisements chocolate chip cookies by the pound.

Their name stems from the nice shavings and chips made by supplementing chocolate, perhaps not the massproduced, teardrop-shaped morsels we understand now. With sliced chocolate, those biscuits were flecked using shards of chocolate in addition to the powdery dust left to the outer board, creating a background of ginger taste together side big chocolaty drops in each snack.

Because of this, my recipe has right back into the authentic source of America’s favourite cookie cutter, with chopped chocolate rather than commercial chocolate drops. (I mean, c’mon, they do seem to be fries!) Additionally, shifting my own chocolate frees me by the limited assortment of ripped morsels, letting me mix and match all kinds of chocolate that I have readily available–in this scenario, an range of Valrhona carbonated pubs. Or, even if you should be targeting an even more authentic vibe, then try out a combination of chocolates between 60 and 72 percent.

No matter sort of chocolate you decide on, make it black or buoyant, chop it with a huge chef’s knife to generate a mixture of bite-size pieces, shards, and fries. Setaside a couple to garnish with the biscuits, and throw the remainder with the allpurpose flour required in the cookie dough. This streamlines mixing in the future, or so the chocolate pieces and bread might be incorporated all at one time, reducing the danger of over-mixing. As usual, I would urge a red/white flour mixture for example bleached gold-medal, which provides biscuits a ideal balance of starch and protein.

It’s well worth noting that the chocolate chip biscuits (or even some other American dessert, for instance) will probably fare well using American hamburger: European fashions comprise more fat and less water, that negatively affects gluten creation, giving the biscuits a crumbly as opposed to chewy texture.

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